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August 29 2017

There are several ways to lose weight, just want to! Of course, the correct ways to lose weight with health, are always in the long run.

They are the most indicated with the accompaniment of a professional of the area.

But there is the dark side of it. Yes, well-known crazy diets, which help you lose weight in a very short time, for immediate cases, like, for you to go super cat at that party next week, to pass by your ex and make him drool with what he lost, to find you With that cat that you met on the net and devastate, to enjoy a beach with the belly sequinha and to extract many looks, etc ...

But the main reason for diet is to make your self-esteem stay up there, which is certainly more important.

Galerinha, to succeed and lose 10 kg in 10 days, have to have a lot of disposition and willpower, certainly not easy.

It's not easy, but good things come at a price, and if you really want to be beautiful, lean and powerful, you're going to have to follow the diet to the letter.

First of all, the good health blog is only informative and none of the information it contains is valid like any kind of query, okay?

This diet works! If you follow it correctly at the end of the 10 days, you will be with -10kg.

Important Tips for Weight Loss

Initially I'll pass on some tips that are of great importance to a 100% result.

Drink on average 2 or 3 liters of water per day. (Not during meals. Wait for digestion and only drink water after 30 minutes or more.)
'Pinch' is the same as 'eating', after all you are ingesting that, so to lose weight 10kg do not consume any kind of candy or fry, even in a minimal amount, you will be sticking to your diet and will not Have the same result at the end.
Do not eat and sleep then this will only hinder your digestion.
Do some exercise, walking, or some other exercise of your own, at least 30 minutes a day. This will accelerate weight loss.
Always brush your teeth after the meal. Why? It will inhibit the urge to eat a dessert, for example.
Resist temptations. There will always be someone who will offer you a delicious sweet or something, but be firm, thank you and remember that the result after the 10 days of diet, will be much better than the simple pleasure of eating a sweet .
Be firm until the end of the diet. Worth it ...
Having relapses is normal. But if this happens, do not lose your motivation, start all over again and it will work!
Some substances can help increase metabolism by providing greater calorie burn. Get to know the Goji Secca and other Goji berry based remedies.
Do You Want To Burn Fat In 7 Days?

Doctor specialist, reveals a very strange and controversial technique of how to lose weight. This technique is intriguing the pharmaceutical industry.

I confess that when I saw I did not believe much, but after seeing the results of Fernanda, I was impressed ..

Fernanda Oxolanian (Lost 31Kg)
Fernanda has an incredible story. At 1.60 in height and 85 kg, he had tried all kinds of fad diets. Started Strategic Feeding almost a year ago.

After four and a half months it has reached the desired weight and it is a story that I consider to be sensational, inspiring!



10h00min - Breakfast;

12:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. - Lunch;

4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Snack;

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. - Dinner.

The schedules are the key of the diet, it is mandatory to respect them to lose weight !!!

Diet: To lose 10 kg in 10 days

Important: The following diet worked for me and was prescribed by my doctor, before starting to do this diet consult your doctor!

Composed of a cycle of five days that must be performed twice, ie you start on day one and when you reach the end of day five back to day one.

Remember that you should not follow the diet for more than 10 days, because in addition to being strict, it can deprive you of important nutrients.

Learn more, go to: Sibutramine, Weight Loss Remedy, Side Effects

1st day


200 ml of unsweetened Natural Orange Juice;
Three crackers of salt and water;
An apple.

A spoonful of beans;
A chicken fillet;
Tomato salad and lettuce to taste.

An Orange.

Bean Broth;
Lemon juice without sugar.
2nd day


200 ml of unsweetened Natural Pineapple Juice;

One spoon of rice and one of beans;
Tomato salad and lettuce to taste.

Small papaya.

Bean broth;
Orange Juice.
3rd day


A cup of green tea.

A Vono Envelope.

Two slices of pineapple.

A spoonful of rice;
Tomato, cucumber and lettuce salad to taste.
4th day


A cup of green tea. (Famous in detox diets)

Tomato, cucumber and cabbage salad to taste.

A Lemon and an Apple.

An envelope from Vono.
5th day


Two cups of green tea.

A Spoon of Bean with Potato.

A slice of pineapple.

Tomato and lettuce salad to taste.
I hope I have helped and I want to see your comments / results here on the Blog later!
Good luck people! I hope to help you to lose weight. Check out this link with 7 High Fat Compounds from 2017!

Get to know Rosi's Incredible Story and how she lost 43 kg in just 6 months!

Rosi Feliciano is a woman who has experienced complicated times getting to the stage of obesity level 3 (Morbid Obesity).

And today she simply eliminated 43 kg in 6 months and is managing to keep her body in shape ....
Rosi says that she felt increasingly fat, unmotivated and was having serious health problems.

But after an incredible discovery began to lose weight, but stresses that it was not easy to collect everything, organize, file, test and unveil what worked.

Today Rosi is a happy, healthy and willing person. Go to the mall and enter any store to buy almost any clothing ...
He is willing to do activities that were already forgotten, such as: dancing, running, cycling, going to the beach without thinking about what others are saying and many other wonderful things.

Today, thousands of people are using method and losing weight, want to know more access here!

Liquid Diet

The liquid diet consists of the ingestion of liquids, that is, you will keep the body hydrated and will still be eliminating all harmful toxins from the body.

With this, the fluid retention will decrease, which will also decrease the volume of your belly. Want to know more information, go to: Liquid Diet Slim!

Diet Detox

It is recommended to eliminate toxins acquired during holiday periods and events where overeating is usually due to high consumption of alcoholic beverages and caloric preparations.

Want to know more about the Detox diet and how to swell quickly, visit: Detox Diet!

Sweet Potato Diet

The sweet potato diet is to include the same in the menu, because this helps to lose weight because of the starchy root, a type of carbohydrate that acts as a source of fiber, causing our body to absorb fewer calories.

Want to know how this diet works and how to lose weight once again then go to: Sweet potato diet!

Egg Diet

There are those who say that eggs are the villains of the diet because they end up influencing the high cholesterol. However, recent research points out that the egg blogofweightloss.wordpress.com actually does not raise cholesterol if it is cooked, cooked or fried with as little oil as possible in the pan (there are cookers that do not even require oil for frying).

I would like to know how to make the egg diet, how to properly prepare so that it does not harm your health? So what are you waiting for right now: Egg Diet!

Lemon Diet

The lemon diet is giving you what to talk about and you will learn how to lose weight by using that fruit that is zero calories. There are many reasons to start making the lemon diet and the biggest of them are the many benefits that fruit brings to health. Access and experience all the benefits of this incredible fruit ...W

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